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Marques, Pedro Neves AAVV

Editor: Akademie Der Kunste Der Welt

Local: Koln

Ano: 2014

Língua: Inglês
The Forest & The School
Arte, Brasil
The Forest and The School: Where to sit at the dinner table? is co-published by Archive Books and the Academy of the Arts of the World. Edited by the writer and visual artist Pedro Neves Marques, it is the first comprehensive anthology in English about the Brazilian tradition of Antropofagia, understood here not simply as an aesthetic movement but a South American cosmopolitical philosophy. As a critical and revolutionary idea, Antropofagia was based, in part, on the Anthropophagic Manifesto, written in 1928 by Oswald de Andrade. Instead of rejecting the dominant Western culture, Antropofagia makes use of the concept of anthropophagy—literally, cannibalism—to call for the predation and transformative digestion of modernity's paradigmatic divides of nature and culture, of human and animal, object and subject, as well as uses of labor and technology.
Brochado. Novo. 603pp.

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"As obras de arte retiram seu significado essencial da força sediciosa que elas abarcam e das energias subversivas que libertam."
Carl Einstein
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